Consensus Protocol

In the Lipo Finance ecosystem, great importance is given to the democratic decision-making process and community participation. To achieve this goal, Lipo Finance implements a simple but efficient voting protocol that allows LPO token holders to actively participate in decision-making processes affecting the platform. The voting protocol works as follows:

a.) Any LPO token holder can initiate or support a proposal within the platform.
b.) LPO token holders can vote proportionally to the number of tokens they hold in their wallet, regardless of whether they are staked or not.
c.) For a proposal to be considered approved, it must receive support from at least 60% of the votes cast. This consensus threshold ensures that a significant majority of the community agrees with the proposed decision and allows the adoption of new ideas and initiatives.
d.) Once a proposal reaches the required consensus threshold, it will be implemented in the platform according to the community’s decision.