Once the Lipo Finance platform has been developed up to the final stage, its governance will be transferred into the hands of users, ensuring transparent and decentralized governance. All users holding LPO tokens will have the right to vote on major decisions related to the platform, granting the community an increased level of control and involvement.

The voting system proposed by Lipo Finance will be simple and accessible, allowing all LPO token holders to actively participate in the decision-making process. Users will need to choose their management team, i.e., those users who will take responsibility for managing the platform based on community votes. This management team will be elected by the community every two years, ensuring a cycle of renewal and continuous improvement of the platform.

By implementing this community-based governance system, Lipo Finance aims to create a platform that benefits from the expertise and involvement of all its users, ensuring sustainable development and constant innovation within its ecosystem. This decentralized governance model allows for rapid adaptation to changes in the crypto industry and harmonious evolution of the platform for the benefit of all participants.