Liquidity Protocol

Lipo Finance’s liquidity protocol aims to simplify and optimize the liquidity pool creation process for its users. Through this protocol, a user can select the cryptocurrency pair they wish to create a pool for, e.g., ETH / USDT. Instead of depositing both coins in the pair, the user will only need to add liquidity in a stablecoin such as USDC, USDT, or BUSD. The rest of the process will be carried out automatically, without user involvement.

The liquidity added by the user will be sent to an exchange that trades the selected pair. The Lipo Finance protocol will continuously choose the exchange with the lowest risk and highest profit, aiming to minimize risks and maximize returns for users.
A crucial aspect of Lipo Finance’s liquidity protocol is that users will not be charged for impermanent losses, meaning they will not bear the consequences of this type of loss. By eliminating impermanent losses from the equation, Lipo Finance provides users with a safer and more attractive environment to add liquidity to its platform.
The Liquidity Protocol enables users to efficiently participate in liquidity pool creation, with minimal risk and maximum profit, without experiencing the impermanent losses associated with traditional liquidity pools. This represents a significant advantage for users who wish to contribute to the liquidity of the crypto market in a simple and secure way.