Lipo Finance will be launch first on Polygon blockchain, a scalable and efficient solution that ensures high transaction speeds and reduced transaction costs. The LPO token, with a total supply of 550.000.000 tokens, will represent the heart of the Lipo Finance ecosystem and will be used in the following components and functions of the platform:
a.) Liquidity Protocol
b.) Staking Module
c.) Safety Module
d. Governance

With the aim of further democratizing the project and involving the community in decision-making, Lipo Finance leaves it up to the community to set the percentage and vesting terms for the team. The community will also manage the DAO Ecosystem and decide the proportions allocated for Marketing, Treasury, Staking, and Grants, thus contributing to increased decentralization of the project.
The distribution of LPO tokens will be carried out in a fair and transparent manner, as follows:
a.) Seed: 15%
b.) Private: 18%
c.) Presale: 25%
d.) Listing Liquidity: 2%
e.) Market Making: 8%
f.) DAO Ecosystem: 32%
g.) Team: the percentage allocated to the team will be determined by the community and will be deducted from the DAO Ecosystem.The community will initially hold 90% of the total tokens, from which the team’s allocation will probably be deducted. This approach represents one of the most balanced and fair distribution systems encountered in the crypto industry, ensuring fair resource allocation and active community participation in the evolution and success of Lipo Finance. Through this tokenomics strategy, Lipo Finance underlines its commitment to transparency and collaboration, placing the community at the center of the platform’s development and growth.