Treasury Bonding

Treasury Bonding Protocol, users can invest in treasury bonds of the Lipo Finance platform and acquire tbLPO tokens. These tokens hold a predetermined value and maturity date, allowing users to benefit from the growth of the platform’s treasury. As the treasury expands, the value of tbLPO tokens will appreciate, presenting users with an attractive investment instrument. Furthermore, tbLPO token holders will enjoy passive income by receiving a portion of the rewards generated by the growth of the treasury.

A distinguishing aspect of Lipo Finance’s Treasury Bonding Protocol is the inclusion of an auction mechanism for tbLPO tokens. This feature allows users to participate in auctions, either as bidders or sellers, before the maturity date of the tokens. By engaging in auctions, users can acquire or sell tbLPO tokens at competitive prices, fostering liquidity and facilitating vibrant trading within the Lipo Finance community.